• Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting to the ATO is mandatory

  • It takes just 10 minutes to make your payroll software STP-compliant with Single Touch

  • From just 10 cents per employee per payroll period

Single Touch is the easy and cost-effective way to meet your ATO reporting obligations.

We help you get your data to the ATO in an affordable way. Single Touch is ATO-whitelisted and Australia’s leading provider of Single Touch Payroll gateway services. No lock-in contracts, no prepayment – from just 10 cents per employee per payroll period.

Get compliant today in just 10 minutes.

ATO Single Touch Payroll (STP): It's mandatory

Report salary, wages, PAYG withholding and super information to the ATO

Report directly from your payroll software

Mandatory for all employers

Just 10 minutes to get set-up so you comply

Who it's for

Single Touch provides a simple solution for employers and software providers who need to comply with the new ATO STP reporting requirements for wages/salaries, PAYG withholding and superannuation.


If you are an employer, it’s mandatory to use STP reporting to the ATO. Single Touch is the simple, quick and secure way to get compliant with the ATO requirements. We accept any STP file from any payroll system. Single Touch is Australia’s leading STP gateway, offering a cost-effective solution with no lock-in contracts.

If you’ve received a deferral notice from the ATO, time is running out before that expires. Act today to get compliant.

Financial Service Providers

Help your clients comply with ATO requirements, reduce compliance costs and save time. Single touch is the easy way to add value to your clients.


We offer a FREE API to integrate Single Touch into your platform. Fast and easy integration to ensure compliance for your clients.

Why choose Single Touch

We’ve been delivering STP data to the ATO since July 2017
Cost effective – from just 10 cents per employee per payroll period
Maintain full control
with validation and reporting
No lock-in contract or prepayment
Fully secure, meeting the high standards of the ATO
ATO-whitelisted STP gateway service

About Us

Single Touch helps employers meet their STP reporting requirements to the ATO. We also work with payroll software developers and financial service providers in this specialist area. With extensive experience working in payroll software, we understand the needs of all stakeholders and are committed to delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Our STP reporting product has been developed specifically to help all stakeholders comply with ATO requirements in a quick, easy and secure way.