Who its for - Employers

Reporting to the ATO and on-boarding new employees has never been easier. With the Single Touch API implemented in your payroll software you will be compliant with a single touch.

Before reporting your data to the ATO, Single Touch will validate it and you have the opportunity to make corrections. And you have complete control with a suite of reports for payroll reconciliation.

The ATO is encouraging employers to get ready for the new reporting requirements by making it available from July 1, 2017. To help you get ready, Single Touch is free to use for employers until June 30, 2018.

Single Touch offers many benefits to employers

No lock-in agreements or exit penalties
Comprehensive range of STP reports designed to help payroll managers keep control of what is being sent to the ATO*
Extensive suite of executive reports designed for CFOs and HR managers

*including payroll reconciliation

Get in touch with your payroll software provider to make sure they integrate Single Touch to make it easy for you to meet your ATO reporting requirements.

And register now for updates from Single Touch to ensure you are ready for ATO STP reporting.