What it Is

Single Touch is the simple, affordable solution for businesses to comply with the new Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting required by the ATO.

Reporting for Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding, as well as superannuation, will be automated and streamlined.

Single Touch is the easiest and fastest way to comply with STP reporting. In less than 10 minutes, Single Touch can make payroll software STP-compliant. Single Touch API is free for payroll software providers to update their existing systems for STP reporting.

There are two ways Single Touch
can be used for STP reporting:

Via the API where the API has been incorporated into the payroll software provider’s product

Via a .CSV file uploaded to the Single Touch portal

Either way, it’s a simple, fast and secure way for employers to become compliant with the new ATO requirements.

Businesses will be able to commence STP reporting from July 1, 2017. STP reporting will be mandatory for employers with more than 20 employees from 2018.

To make the transition to STP reporting easier,
Single Touch is providing the service to employers
for free until June 30, 2018.

Single Touch offers many benefits to your clients

No lock-in agreements or exit penalties
Comprehensive range of STP reports designed to help payroll managers keep control of what is being sent to the ATO*
Extensive suite of executive reports designed for CFOs and HR managers

*including payroll reconciliation

Single Touch can also receive messages from ATO and myGov including new employee tax and superannuation details for easier onboarding. This information will be formatted for immediate import into the employer payroll system.

For more detailed information on how Single Touch works, please click here.